Computers! Doncha just HATE ’em?

Computers! Why the hell do we have to learn how to use the damn things?

You know why the government only allows people to apply for universal credit online? Because they know that unemployed people can’t use computers! So they can’t get any benefits and EITHER end up living on handouts and charity from friends and relatives OR starving to death on the street! Then they say that since nobody is applying for the benefit it isn’t needed, and they abolish it!

You know who thought up this ridiculous scheme? Ian Duncan “Colonel Saito” Smith! And where did HE learn his values? From his Japanese granny! Can’t you just see him, being bounced on her knee, as she tells him,

“Blitish people very lazy, always saying they too ill or weak to work, saying they got malaria. You have to hit them with rifle butts like your uncles did on Burma Railway and tell them “Ha so! Speedo Speedo Blitish Pig! No-one too ill or weak to work! If all you can move is one finger you can still push button!” Bet He watches “Bridge On The River Kwai” and thinks the Jap commandant is the hero!



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